Jul / 2021

Chore-Time Konavi Pans

The Chore-Time Konavi Pans are the solution to keeping feet out while still letting beaks in. A low pan height featuring a scalloped edge provides a comfortable and easy feeding experience to lead them through their growth stages. The Konavi pan is meant to be flooded with feed to attract day-old chicks, followed by one of three grow-out stages to
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Jul / 2021

Secco Big Air Cattle and Dairy Fans

The Secco Big Air Fans are the most efficient fan on the market, offering unmatched airflow per consumer watt! Big Air Ceiling Fans The reliable mounting system isolates the fan unit from the facility structure, preventing vibrations/movement transferring from the fan to the structure. Secco Big Air Fans are extremely quiet (even at high speeds), very light and require hardly
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Jul / 2021

Bioret Agri Mattresses

More than a mattress; a cooled, enveloping comfort! Bioret Agri is a comfort solution provider based out of France, and the are the European leader in seamless mattresses! Bioret Agri Aquastar Ultimate Water Reduces Pressure Points The Bioret Agri Aquastar mattress is the perfect combination of a latex mattress and a single traditional waterbed. The 35mm latex underlay is topped
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Jun / 2021


Monitoring and managing your feed bin levels has never been easier, or safer than with SeeLow by Agrimesh. This wireless sensor is installed on each bin, giving you real-time information from the ground. For more information, please see below. SENSOR INSTALLATION QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION! Seelow works with both flat or angled roofs, automatically adjusting to an optimal positioning for
May / 2021

Introducing: Agrihub Inc.

November 30, 2020 The Shareholders and Management of Penner Farm Services, Western Ag Systems and Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply are pleased to announce the formation of a parent company, AgriHub Inc., effective October 31st, 2020. Growth beyond our pioneer brand, Penner Farm Services, has made the need for a parent company more essential than ever. With each individual operating brand holding a strong reputation, physical presence
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