Mykalb Broilers Ltd – Featured in Country Life

We are excited to share that a United Agri Systems project has been featured in the June issue of Country Life in BC, highlighting our recent project at Mykalb Broilers Ltd. in Langley. The article, written by Peter Mitham, delves into how we provided cutting-edge equipment that significantly improved the farm’s operations and sustainability.

Mykalb Broilers Ltd., operated by Brian and Mirella Mykle, is a third-generation broiler farm with a capacity of up to 108,000 birds per cycle. Faced with the increasing challenge of extreme weather conditions and rising energy costs, the Mykles sought an efficient solution to optimize their barn’s climate control. Our partnership with Vencomatic Group of the Netherlands provided the ideal solution: a high-capacity heat exchange system designed to handle large volumes of air efficiently.

The Vencomatic units installed at Mykalb Broilers Ltd. are currently the largest in British Columbia, capable of handling up to 25,000 cubic meters of air per hour. These units have revolutionized the farm’s climate control, significantly reducing gas consumption and improving air quality within the barns. As Brian Mykle noted, “We recuperate up to 75% of the heat and put it back in the barn, where normally we would just vent that air back out and lose it to the environment.”

This system not only conserves energy but also maintains optimal humidity levels, essential for the health and productivity of the birds. The Mykles have seen remarkable improvements, with barn humidity levels not exceeding 50%, compared to previous levels that often surpassed 75%. This drier environment benefits the birds by making it easier for them to breathe and keeping the litter dry, ultimately contributing to healthier and more productive flocks.

The economic advantages of the new system are equally impressive. By reducing the need for gas and sawdust, the Mykles expect the system to pay for itself within five to seven years. Additionally, the improved feed conversion rate and overall healthier birds promise better returns. “I’m making a savings of about 20% on my sawdust so that’s a big cost savings there, and then the gas savings. And I hope the feed conversion will boost that,” said Mykle.

The Mykles’ commitment to innovation and sustainability, supported by provincial and federal grants, ensures their farm is well-positioned for future generations. Brian Mykle’s forward-thinking approach exemplifies the resilience and adaptability required in modern farming. As he aptly put it, “When the new technologies come out, we look at it, and if it looks interesting enough to put in or if it’s the way everyone’s going, we jump on it.” We are proud to have played a part in this successful project and are excited about the future of sustainable farming. To read the full article by Peter Mitham and learn more about this project, we encourage you to subscribe to Country Life in BC here.