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– ECO Units are innovative heat exchangers designed for poultry farms, ensuring an optimal climate regardless of external weather conditions. – These units can save broiler farmers up to 75% on gas expenses, making them a cost-effective solution. Layer farmers benefit from ECO Units by saving an average of 6 grams of feed per bird daily and gaining 10 additional eggs per bird in each flock. – Field studies with a flock length of 73 weeks and 90-week-old hens validate the efficiency of ECO Units in delivering higher yields. – The ECO Unit operates as a heat exchange with minimal ventilation, preventing the mixing of air and eliminating the risk of old air recirculation or cross-contamination. – Utilizing a series of thin tubes, the ECO Unit allows outgoing air to warm up incoming air, covering an impressive 1,325m² of contact surfaces. – With the ability to circulate up to 30,000m3 of air per unit per hour, the ECO Unit recovers approximately 80% of heat from expelled air, contributing to lower ammonia emissions and improved litter quality.

Heat Exchanger Cost Savings

Learn how quickly you could see long term savings from the use of a heat exchanger

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