Rubber Flooring

With more than 35 years of experience in R&D for Dairy cow comfort, Animat is at the forefront of the highest-quality rubber flooring. Continually analyzing the needs of both dairy cows and dairymen have resulted in a superior mat. 

Animat rubber flooring is an excellent solution for:

  • Alleys
  • Holding Areas
  • Parlours
  • Stalls

Among the many benefits of Animat rubber flooring, the most prevalent is increased comfort. The cow mats absorb shock to feet and legs, unlike concrete, significantly reducing the stress from moving about the barn. In addition, the mats offer an exclusive non-slip surface, increasing traction and decreasing instances of slip-and-fall while maintaining natural gait.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Improved Safety
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Improved Heat Detecting
  • Increased Profits

Stall Mats

We proudly offer the Animattress line of stall mats from Animat, featuring superb cow comfort properties for both cows and heifers, in free stall or tie-stall applications. 

Measuring 2” x 39” x 69”, each mat is an open cell material, with a heavy-duty poly plastic. The mat features a 3mm rubber top cover, completely and continually encasing the pad the entire length of the run of stalls. 

The open cell foam used in Animattress I mats retains its elasticity, rebounding much longer than other conventional types of foam. Providing a soft but firm and supportive cushion, Animattress I foam molds to her shape when laying down, but will never displace when she is using her knees to get up or down. 

Animattress III is designed specifically for tie stalls, but are suitable for free stall applications as well. The top of the mat features a pebble-texture, bordered by a sturdy rim. The underside of the mat is designed to be supportive and comfortable on the top side, with alternating sized rubber cones. It’s durable enough for a tie-stall application, yet supports the cow comfortably.  This mattress is so simple to install, you can do it yourself!