United Agri Systems Two-way sidewall curtain system

Our exclusive Two-way curtain rolls up onto the center support as it opens from the top down. Opening only from the top down is the most efficient way to control proper air flow over the cows through-out the year. The United Agri Systems two way sidewall curtain system also allows you the convenience to open the curtain from the bottom up for cleaning etc, while still maintaining a seal to eliminate blowing snow and drafts from entering through the bottom.

  • Heavy Wall curtain with UV protection - Time tested material for longevity
  • Exclusive Design - Opens from the top down only for proper air flow
  • Options - Manual, Electric or Computerized for Optimum Control

Manufactured by us allows the flexibility to fit many applications, such as Sidewalls, Roof Peaks , Feed Alley Roll-ups, Doors & Parlour Curtains

United Agri Systems Fans, Ventilation System and Misting

Maintain cow comfort by improving airflow! By keeping your cows cool, you will prevent overheating, increasing production. MacroAir energy-efficient industrial fans do just that, by moving more air in your barn or open air shed, all the while keeping dust down, as well as birds and insects at bay.

Maintain Cow Comfort and production through-out the year by moving air with:

  • MacroAir Big 24' Fans
  • Hi-Flo Direct Air Fans
  • A Tunnel Ventilation Systems

and cooling further with United Agri System's very own Hi-Pressure Misting