Nov / 2022

Up to 20% Diesel Savings

Let us help you enhance your diesel engines efficiency by about 20% As farmers, we depend on fuel-hungry machines daily, tractors, skid steers, semis, and more. Unfortunately, the recent surges in fuel costs seem to be sticking around, and finding new and worthwhile solutions to save on fuel costs can seem like a tall order. We’re excited to introduce a
Oct / 2022

2022 United Agri Systems Photo Contest Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the inaugural AgriHub Photo Contest. While it was tough to choose some winners, it was an excellent problem to have – too many incredible Agriculture images! A special congratulations to Chelsea Boonstra (Manitoba) for being selected as the overall winner for her closeup image of a Holstein nose. Make sure you grab
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Sep / 2022

Viaflex Silage Covers

Viaflex (formerly Raven Engineered Films) aims to protect the earth, while promoting the industry. By creating innovative solutions to address customer challenges that required some complexity, backed by 60 years of industry experience, Viaflex is able to deliver high-quality, US-made products all supported by high-quality customer service. FeedPro-G™ The FeedPro-G™ silage cover consists of a White/Black tri-layer film manufactured with
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May / 2022

Welcome to the Family, Dundas Agri Systems!

The AgriHub group of companies is growing – this time in an Easterly direction! We are pleased to share that Dundas Agri Systems has joined the AgriHub family. Serving Eastern Ontario Dairy Farms, Dundas Agri Systems is a prominent provider of Lely and Boumatic products. For more information, please see the press release below.
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Apr / 2022

Avian Flu (H5N1) On-Farm Biosecurity Measures

The presence of Avian flu has brought a variety of concerns to our farming partners, including how to minimize the exposure to their flocks. Not only will you find a check list on ‘Assessing Your On-Farm Biosecurity Protocols’ at the bottom of this page, you can see a number of recommended items to use in your battle against The Avian
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Apr / 2022

Chore-Time Konavi Broiler Feeder Pans

The Chore-Time Konavi Pans are the solution to keeping feet out while still letting beaks in. A low pan height featuring a scalloped edge provides a comfortable and easy feeding experience to lead them through their growth stages. The Konavi pan is meant to be flooded with feed to attract day-old chicks, followed by one of three grow-out stages to
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Apr / 2022

Show us your farm!

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Mar / 2022

Accepting Applications: 2022 AgriHub Agricultural Scholarship

Are you looking to further your education in pursuit of your Agricultural career? Whether you aspire to be a service technician, an agronomist, an engineer, a sales representative and so on, we encourage you to apply for our AgriHub Agricultural Scholarship. Requirements Program of two years+, either in person or remote Agricultural Background details Career Path Proof of Acceptance Community
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Dec / 2021

Confined Space Awareness Webinar

When you hear the phrase ‘confined spaces’, do you think tight, cramped spaces with limited movement? While the definition can be a grey area, a confined space is a space that has the potential of: entrapment physical hazards toxic atmospheric conditions flammable atmospheric hazards Join us on December 15th as we explore the qualifications of confined spaces, precautions to take,
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Nov / 2021

BC Producer Relief Program

In light of the recent devastation and clean-up efforts needed in the Fraser Valley area, some of our suppliers have offered discount programs on essential items for cleanup. MS Schippers is offering a 15% discount on the following items: MS TopFoam Cleaners Topfoam Fresh Topfoam Power Topfoam Acid MS Megades (Disinfectants) Megades Novo Megades Oxy Megades Novo Kiemkill MS DryCare
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Nov / 2021

Welcome to the family, New Standard Group!

New Standard Group is pleased to announce the successful merger with the AgriHub Group of Companies consisting of Penner Farm Services, Horizon Livestock & Poultry Supply, United Agri Systems and Western Ag Systems, effective November 1st, 2021. New Standard Group, based out of St Andrews, Manitoba, has been servicing Agricultural Producers across Canada and the United States since 2006, specializing
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Jul / 2021

Secco Big Air Cattle and Dairy Fans

The Secco Big Air Fans are the most efficient fan on the market, offering unmatched airflow per consumer watt! Big Air Ceiling Fans The reliable mounting system isolates the fan unit from the facility structure, preventing vibrations/movement transferring from the fan to the structure. Secco Big Air Fans are extremely quiet (even at high speeds), very light and require hardly
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