Welcome to AgriHub, Penfor Construction!

AgriHub is pleased to announce the successful merger of Penfor Construction into the AgriHub Family of Companies, effective January 1st, 2023.

PENFOR and AgriHub have operated with shared interests and overlapping ownership for the past 2 years. Merging PENFOR into AgriHub is a natural progression for our mutual shareholders as we seek to simplify our governance and management structures.

PENFOR has operated as a prominent leader in the Construction Industry for over 25 years, with specific competence and expertise in the Agriculture Sector. Operating mainly in Manitoba, many projects completed over the years have been in partnership with Penner Farm Services (MB) as the design/build and equipment/consumables partner.

AgriHub, headquartered in Winnipeg, MB, provides central administration and professional services to its regional operating partners across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and the Upper Midwest USA (United States), and has been providing design-build, equipment, service and consumables to hog, poultry, dairy, and grain farming partners for over 50 years.

The vision, mission, and goals of all AgriHub companies, including PENFOR, fall into complimentary alignment, aiming to best serve the agriculture sector by providing excellence in projects, service, equipment, and consumables. Bringing together years of experience and knowledge will help to ensure the ongoing success of PENFOR through this ownership transition and into the next generation of construction management services.

On behalf of the AgriHub Family of Companies and Penfor Construction, we thank our employees, our customers, and our suppliers for their loyalty and confidence as we continue to create a stronger and more sustainable team of agricultural experts and operations in the best interest of our farming partners across Canada.