Viaflex Silage Covers

Viaflex (formerly Raven Engineered Films) aims to protect the earth, while promoting the industry. By creating innovative solutions to address customer challenges that required some complexity, backed by 60 years of industry experience, Viaflex is able to deliver high-quality, US-made products all supported by high-quality customer service.


The FeedPro-G™ silage cover consists of a White/Black tri-layer film manufactured with premium grade outer layers, selected recycled resins in the core. The cover contains UV stabilizers for longevity in outdoor exposure in the white layer, while also reflecting sunlight to minimize heat build-up, preventing spoilage. The reverse side is a black, opaque, puncture resistant polyethylene to prevent light transmission.FeedPro-G™ is available in standard and extra hard to find wide-width-sizes.
Offered as economical alternative to virgin resin films, directly contributing to
minimizing landfill consumption. Manufactured in USA.

FeedFresh® 1 Step

FeedFresh Silage Cover provides incredible value and profits to dairy and cattle operations. The superior strength and oxygen-blocking protection for maximum freshness.
Comprised of a ten-layer reinforced extrusion welded laminate, the outer layers are produced from flexible, high-strength premium polyethylene resins. FeedFresh is produced with the latest barrier technology, containing inner layer of EVOH barrier resin to provide virtually zero oxygen transmission rates. The outer layer includes carbon black (black side) and UV and thermal stabilizers (white side) for outdoor longevity. FeedFresh® is reinforced with a high denier scrim laid in a diagonal pattern with 3/8” spacing, with additional machine direction scrim every 9”, increasing tear resistance.

SealFresh™ Series

Multi-layer, non-reinforced 2 mil clear oxygen barrier offering low-weight, high-strength ratio that is flexible/easy to install. Step #1: SealFresh™ oxygen barrier is the first layer of protection, placed directly against the silage pile, below the primary exposed cover. Non-reinforced, 2 mil oxygen multi-layer barrier. Step #2: The second step utilizes Dura-Skrim string-reinforced cover, blocking UV rays while providing long-term durability. 6 mil black/white string-reinforced outer cover.

SealFresh™ Silage Cover is accordion folded for quick deployment; lowest 2-Step OTR at 1.6CC/M2/Day

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