Up to 20% Diesel Savings

Let us help you enhance your diesel engines efficiency by about 20%

As farmers, we depend on fuel-hungry machines daily, tractors, skid steers, semis, and more. Unfortunately, the recent surges in fuel costs seem to be sticking around, and finding new and worthwhile solutions to save on fuel costs can seem like a tall order.

We’re excited to introduce a diesel fuel savings solution that will quickly pay for itself over and over again. What is this mystery technology? Sound too good to be true? We’ve tested this solution with a few producers, and the results are worthwhile; some are seeing an efficient increase of about 20%. The potential to save 20% on diesel equipment fuel costs catches most folks’ attention.

AgriHub’s Fuel Enhancement System splits water into hydrogen and oxygen gases that are injected into the air intake of any large diesel engine, such as a truck, generator or heavy equipment. Hydrogen burns ten times faster than diesel, leading to a much more efficient combustion and reducing fuel consumption by 10 – 25%, CO2 greenhouse gases by 28%, smog causing NOx by 48% and diesel particulates by 2/3. 

This system has been operating and proven since 2014.

This solution has seen wide adoption in the trucking industry in recent years, and we currently have a solution for farming equipment.

We’d love to share more with you about this fuel-saving solution. Contact Dan Cloutier for more information.​​​​​​​

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