Secco Big Air Cattle and Dairy Fans

The Secco Big Air Fans are the most efficient fan on the market, offering unmatched airflow per consumer watt!

Big Air Ceiling Fans

The reliable mounting system isolates the fan unit from the facility structure, preventing vibrations/movement transferring from the fan to the structure. Secco Big Air Fans are extremely quiet (even at high speeds), very light and require hardly any maintenance.

Available in diameters of 16′, 20′ or 24′, the Big Air Fans cover a very large area.

Big Air PűRe New Product

The Big Air PűRe Fans are the newest revolutionary system in preventing fan blades from coming off.

The gearmotor modular system technology features an energy efficient motor and adapted gear unit that has been optimally matched to one another.

The easy variable remote allows you to use the fans all year long with a reversible option. 12 year extended warranty optional.