Regenerative Agriculture

Vertical Fodder Growing, Waste to Biogas, Net Zero Buildings

The Future is Now: Integrated, Sustainable, Regenerative Farms

Vertical Fodder Growing

Secure, Dependable Growth

Controlled environment regenerative agriculture, vertically grown fodder – outside of buzz words what is the practical purpose of this?! Simply put – growing indoors to avoid floods, droughts, pests, etc… growing in layers or vertically to increase revenues per square foot for profitability!


Sustainable Production

Hydroponics green fodder production encompasses the growing of plants/fodder without soil, with little water or artificial fertilizers in a controlled building for optimized production. “Green fodder produced by a hydroponic system is highly palatable, digestible, nutritious, safe, healthy and environmentally friendly and can be fed suitable for all types and categories of animals. It has a meaningful advantage in water use efficiency, constant supply of quality fodder, reducing forage loss, less labour required and economic feasibility against conventional/traditional methods”


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Today Agrihub has established a distribution agreement with an established vertical fodder equipment manufacturing company and together we are moving forward

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Members of Agrihubs team have been involved with growing in this manner to provide up to 20% of the daily ration to a 17,000 head dairy operation for the past five years.

The system proved highly effective in replacing about 400 acres of cropland with a 100’ X 150’ foot building, increasing milk production and nutrition levels while reducing the need for antibiotics.