Plasson Water On Demand PRO Pressure Management System

The Water On Demand PRO (WOD PRO) is a patented solution that allows poultry producers to plan and automate pressure control of all nipple lines in a house from one central point to help:

  • Maintain a high flow rate during high consumption periods
  • Reduce flow rates automatically during low consumption periods, thereby keeping litter drier
  • Eliminates labor intensive water pressure management of each nipple line

The WOD helps keep floors drier, creating a healthier environment and therefore more Grade A paws. By delivering greater water volume during increased bird activity, performance is also boosted.

Rotem Connected and Stand-Alone Options

The Water on Demand PRO delivers an unmatched level of versatility with integration from any house controller. For producers utilizing Rotem Environmental controllers, the WOD PRO can be linked to your Rotem controller for integrated house management. The WOD PRO is also available as a stand alone unit for use from other controller brands.