Chore-Time Konavi Broiler Feeder Pans

The Chore-Time Konavi Pans are the solution to keeping feet out while still letting beaks in. A low pan height featuring a scalloped edge provides a comfortable and easy feeding experience to lead them through their growth stages. The Konavi pan is meant to be flooded with feed to attract day-old chicks, followed by one of three grow-out stages to finish birds.

Minimum Feed Waste

The angled cone shape with anti-rake fins encourages birds to stay out of the feeder, preventing scratching of feed onto the ground. This results in a greatly reduced wastage, reducing feed costs. The lip and anti-rake fins also assist in keeping feed clean, uncontaminated, improving overall health.

Complete Cleaning

Chore-Time Konavi Pans are designed to be easily cleaned, with no corners, grills or pockets to trap feed in hard to clean areas. The feeder pans are meant to be power washed between your flocks, featuring a single lever to open them up. Hanging pans have an incorporated hook.

Robust Construction

Heavy-duty, durable plastic that is engineered to resist UV (ultraviolet) lights, these pans have a thicker eating area (3.8mm) for a longer life

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