Bioret Agri Mattresses

More than a mattress; a cooled, enveloping comfort!

Bioret Agri is a comfort solution provider based out of France, and the are the European leader in seamless mattresses!

Bioret Agri Aquastar Ultimate

Water Reduces Pressure Points

The Bioret Agri Aquastar mattress is the perfect combination of a latex mattress and a single traditional waterbed. The 35mm latex underlay is topped with a waterbed that offers nothing but 70mm of comfort, conforming to the cows unique curves and offering comfort for each and every animal. Not only does this assist in reducing pressure points, it creates optimal blood circulation to optimize milk production.

The waterbeds are also designed for natural evacuation of milk and urine towards the rear of the stall.

Additional Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Hock protection from abrasion
  • No mattress deformation
  • Seamless roll
  • 35 liter pouch per cubicle
  • Rubber made of 2 textile inlays (New Generation design), a 35mm latex underlay, resulting in 300kg/m3 density

Bioret AQUACLIM® Zoothermal Thermodynamic Water Beds

These waterbeds are steeped in innovation! The ideal mattress in combating heat stress, the AQUACLIM® recirculate cooled water, providing maximum laying comfort and zoothermic heat regulation.

Just as useful in cold weather, expelled energy is recovered from the cows and used to heat the water, keeping the beds at an ideal temperature in the winter.

These beds improve circulation, encourage a longer ruminating time as well as an increase in cyclical laying times and provide a comfortable surface that reduces pressure point by shock absorbing motion.

Agricultural Technical Institute

+ 2 kg (+ 4,4 lbs) / day over 14 weeks for cows benefitting from a cooling solution. (240 dairy cows studied)

Production/cow/day for cows laying on uncooled beddings: 31.2 kg / day (68.6 lbs)
Production/cow/day for cows laying on a cooling solution: 34.9 kg / day or + 3,7 kg / day (+ 8.1 lbs / day)

Department of Animal Science

A study shows the proven impact of cooling pregnant cows:

  • on milk production after calving
  • on the preservation of the genetic capital of the fetus that will be a future producer.

Included: The Aqua Board® creates an ideal comfort.
The Aqua Board® allows precise adjustment of bedding depth.

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