Avian Flu (H5N1) On-Farm Biosecurity Measures

The presence of Avian flu has brought a variety of concerns to our farming partners, including how to minimize the exposure to their flocks.

Not only will you find a check list on ‘Assessing Your On-Farm Biosecurity Protocols’ at the bottom of this page, you can see a number of recommended items to use in your battle against The Avian Bird Flu.

Our internal and external sales reps are very aware of biosecurity protocols, as they are always conscious of cross-contamination between farms. Rest assured our team has brushed up on biosecurity protocols and we are looking to stock more items to assist you in doing so. If you are looking for products to equip your farm, here are a few that we are happy to recommend and have ready for you.

We will always recommend washing and disinfecting any item brought onto the farm prior to entering the barn – did you know that you could pick up bacteria or a virus on your travels home with your new equipment?

Asses Your On-Farm Biosecurity Protocols

  1. Visitors to notify an employee prior to visiting
  2. Log all visitors and vehicles who enter farmyard
  3. CAZ (Controlled Access Zone) is clearly defined
  4. RAZ (Restricted Access Zone) is clearly defined
  5. Clean/Dirty line is clearly indicated in the entrance to the barn
  6. Boot covers and/or clean boots required beyond clean/dirty line
  7. Clean coveralls/overalls worn beyond clean/dirty line
  8. Ensure dirty boot covers, boots, overalls and coveralls are disposed of or cleaned properly
  9. Weekly walkarounds of exterior conducted to ensure no openings, crevices, cracks for rodents or wild birds to enter
  10. All-in, All-out policy for flocks strongly encouraged (If not, ensure all birds have excellent health status and full vaccination record)
  11. Procedure for managing sick birds (euthanasia, quarantine etc) to ensure minimal or no spread
  12. Complete cleanout, wash, and disinfect between flocks
  13. Wash and/or disinfect any items prior to bringing in the barn