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Animat Interlocking rubber Alley mats -
The Interlock Rubber Flooring System adapts to any surface and can be installed virtually anywhere a cow is likely to walk. Whether it is destined for new or upgraded facilities, as soon as the installation of the flooring is complete, you will notice a difference in your herd’s behaviour, increased feed intake, easier and improved heat detection and increased milk production.
Alleys - Crossovers - Holding areas - Milking Platforms - Box Stalls

Jansen Cage Free Systems

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Brock Storage Systems


Sudenga Mills & Conveying

Animattress Comfort Stall Beds -
The Animatress stall system after years of proven results has become a standard in stall comfort. Designed to decrease pressure points, traction and liquid runoff, the Animattress system is the closest comfort stall mat to daily maintained dry bedding available to install.
Feel free to talk to users, Walk thru and look at the cows for yourself, See why Animattress is the best comfort stall mat for your operation
United Agri Two-way Sidewall Curtain System -

Our exclusive Two-way curtain rolls up onto the center support as it opens from the top down. Opening only from the top down is is the most efficient way to control proper air flow over the cows through-out the year. The United Agri system also allows you the convenience to open the curtain from the bottom up for cleaning etc, while still maintaining a seal to eliminate blowing snow and drafts from entering thru the bottom.

Manufactured by us allows the flexibility to fit many applications.
Sidewalls, Roof Peaks , Feed Alley Roll-ups, Doors & Parlour Curtains
Ventilation Systems -

Maintain Cow Comfort and production though-out the year by moving air with
- Macro-air Big 24' Fans
, - Hi-flo direct air fans, - A Tunnel Ventilation System and cooling further with United Agri's very own Hi-pressure Misting

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